VViViD+ Rose Gold Conform Mirror Finish Chrome Vinyl Wrap Roll (6ft x 5ft)



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  • New! VViViD+ premium vinyl. Enhanced material, conformability, adhesive and finish for the boldest look yet!
  • Self adhesive vinyl with a bubble-free membrane for a super fast and bubble-free application! Ready to use out of the box, no messy liquids needed!
  • Self-Healing technology means minor scratches disappear with heat alone! Resistant to abrasions, dirt, water and chemicals.
  • A safe, non-corrosive acrylic adhesive with a 10 year life! (Won’t eat through coatings or react with surfaces) Safe for applications and removals!
  • Perfectly suited for DIY’ers and Professionals alike! A light-weight, affordable and gorgeous alternative to costly paint jobs.